2023 Events

March 30-31, Dineen Hall/Syracuse University Law School
2023 MetLife Foundation-Lender Center Annual Social Differences, Social Justice Symposium |“Addressing the Racial Wealth Gap”

March 29, 2023, Schine Student Center
2021-2023 Lender Center Symposium | “Access to Wellness For Women in a Diverse Socio-Economic Neighborhood”

2022 Events

October 24, 2022, Dineen Hall
“Labor’s Revival: Unions and the Struggle for Racial and Economic Justice”  |  A Lender Center Conversation

2021 Events

November 11, Virtual
Creative Activity as a Human Right
Interdisciplinary artists, activists and educators with expertise in the arts, humanities and social sciences joined together to examine what it might mean to rethink creativity as a universal and inalienable human right, a remedy for complicated histories of inhumanity and carelessness, and a change-making, emancipatory form of social intelligence.

April 16 and 17, Virtual
Policed Bodies: A Community Conversation on Race, Disability, and Justice
A community conversation on issues of race, disability, and justice in the policing of bodies in communities and schools.

March 4, Virtual
Inaugural Faculty Fellowship Symposium: The Social Justice #Hashtag Project: A Digital Humanities Study
Showcasing the Lender Center’s contribution to the digital humanities. Honored visiting speaker:  Dr. Mark Anthony Neal, Duke University.

2020 Events

March 3, Crouse Hinds Hall
The Roma Case for Reparations
Dr. Margareta Matache, Director of the Roma Program, Harvard University FXB Center for Health and Human Rights

March 10, Watson Theater
Agitating, Educating, Organizing: Historicizing Transformative Justice in Education
Maisha T. Winn, University of California, Davis

March 11, Tolley Humanities Building
Decolonizing Research, Humanizing Methods
Maisha T. Winn, University of California, Davis

March 12, Bird Library
Justice on Both Sides Book Circle
Maisha T. Winn, University of California, Davis
Juanita Rivera-Ortiz, YWCA of Syracuse and Onondaga County, Jamesville-Dewitt CSD Boards
Rob Scott, Cornell Prison Education Program

March 13, Tolley Humanities Building
Building Connections: The Grad Student Talkback
Maisha T. Winn, University of California, Davis

March 20, Newhouse 3
The Body Is Not an Apology: From Body Empowerment to Global Justice
Sonya Renee Taylor, founder and radical executive officer, The Body Is Not An Apology

April 18, La Casita Cultural Center
Young Art exhibit opening and children’s book release
SU students Christian Andino, Madison Snyder and team of student volunteers

September 18, Virtual
Social Media and Social Justice: A Colloquium with Dr. Charlton McIlwain

September 24-26, Virtual
18th Annual Syracuse University Human Rights Film Festival

October 21, Virtual
A Community Conversation with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi

November 19, Virtual
Communities of Color, (In)Justice, and Multiple Pandemics: Resisting the Racism of Covid-19
SU faculty members with Democratizing Knowledge

2018 Inaugural Symposium: Doing Good

September 14, 2018
Helaine and Marvin Lender Auditorium, Whitman School of Management

Doing “Good” Work: Syracuse Alumni Working in Social Justice FieldsSherri Williams speaks at the Lender Center dedication
(from left) Brittany Brathwaite ’13, Kimberly Huggins ’13, Betsy Sherwood ’04, Sherri Williams G’0 G’15, Jeffery Mangram ’88 G’89 G’06, Syeisha Byrd G’12



Al-Amin Muhammad speaks on a panel at the Lender Center dedication
Building “Good:” Syracuse Organizations Promoting Social Justice
(from left) Al-Amin Muhammad, Kimberly McCoy ’02, Yusuf Abdul-Qadir ’11, Philip Arnold, Anne Mosher, Sekou Cooke


Lender Center Dedication Ceremony

September 14, 2018
Helaine and Marvin Lender Auditorium, Whitman School of Management

Chancellor SyverudPresentation of the plaque
Chancellor Kent Syverud, Marvin Lender, Helaine Lender, Provost Michele Wheatly




Kevin Kumashiro speaks at the Lender Center dedication

Keynote address
Kevin Kumashiro




Marcelle Haddix and Kendall Phillips speak at the Lender Center dedicaction
Remarks by faculty co-directors
Marcelle Haddix, Kendall Phillips