2019-21 Lender Student Fellows

Grace Asch

Grace Asch is from Alexandria, Virginia. She majors in Television, Radio, and Film with a double minor in Spanish and African American Studies. Grace is on the Division 1 Women’s Varsity Rowing Team, part of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and a Program Coordinator for Young Scholars. She is interested in writing historical fiction TV shows for example, a series focused on figures of the civil rights movement; in hopes to inform people of social (in)justice in the past and present through commercial entertainment. Grace is interested to become well-versed in the aspects of a specific social justice movement and specifically the role of people of color in media.

Andrea Constant

Andrea Constant is a first-year Sociology Ph.D. student who is broadly interested in how race, class, and gender influence political behavior and the practice of refusal. More specifically, in conceptualizations of Blackness and experiences within Black girl/womanhood. As a fellow for this vital project, Andrea’s research interests will continue to uplift the voices of organizers and contribute to the recognition of those deconstructing oppression(s) to create an equitable society.


Adriana Lobo

Adriana Lobo is a sophomore who majors in Communications and Rhetorical Studies at Syracuse University, with an intended focus on policy studies. Her research interests include social justice, community engagement, and activism. As the Education Chair of La LUCHA student organization and a member of the communications team at La Casita Cultural Center, she specializes in the use of digital and social media platforms to advance community and student engagement. Her work as a communicator aligns with the focus of the 2019-2021 Lender Fellowship research project on digital humanities. Adriana, a Posse Miami 7 Scholar, is committed to her present work in cultural diversity with Central New York’s underserved communities.


Abigail Tick

Abigail Tick is a second-year student with majors in Sociology and Citizenship and Civic Engagement in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.  Her academic interests include activism, social justice and youth and student empowerment.  Abigail’s current position as the social media coordinator for Students Advocating Sexual Safety and Empowerment (SASSE), the official student chapter of Planned Parenthood at Syracuse University, has led her to understand the crucial element the media plays in highlighting imperative stories and how technology can create accessibility for many different voices. Abigail’s strong desire to engage in research that explores how the media facilitates radical conversations and social change has led to her involvement with the Lender Center Student Fellowship.