Student Fellowship

The 2022-2024 Lender Center for Social Justice Fellowship Project will be led by Professor Mona Bhan (Maxwell School). Bhan will direct five students in a research-based advocacy project, carried out in collaboration with Haley Duschinski, associate professor of anthropology at Ohio University; Syracuse University faculty partners; centers such as the Autonomous Systems Policy Institute; and Lender Student Fellows to investigate how artificial intelligence weapons systems transform war and surveillance and accentuate people’s social and political vulnerabilities to violence.

Students from any discipline are encouraged to apply to serve as a Lender Student Fellow. We welcome students from all academic disciplines who are passionate about finding solutions to complex problems and want to sustain and encourage diversity and inclusion at Syracuse University.

Selected applicants will work on the project for two years. Lender Student Fellows will be provided a $2,000 stipend between 2022-24, and have opportunities for additional funding.

Selected fellows will:

  • Work closely with the faculty fellow in developing the collaborative research project
  • Work with students from various disciplines in a dynamic research environment
  • Participate in public discussions and presentations of the research project

Application requirements

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