Lender Faculty Fellowship

Marvin Lender speaks at the Lender Center dedication
The Lender Center dedication inaugural symposium
Brittany Brathwaite and Kimberly Huggins at the Lender Center dedication

The Lender Center for Social Justice seeks applications for its inaugural faculty fellow. The Lender Faculty Fellowship supports a two-year research agenda to critically and creatively explore contemporary social issues, develop innovative approaches to these problems, and implement useful and sustainable initiatives.

The selected faculty fellow will work with a team of student fellows to create an interdisciplinary research team focused on the proposed social issue. The Lender Symposium will serve as the culmination of the two-year projects with invited national guests and experts participating in a thorough discussion of the research and proposals developed by the Lender fellows team.

Faculty applying for a Lender fellowships will be dynamic and accomplished scholar/teachers who are committed to an agenda of engaging issues relevant to social justice. They will be expected to foster an interdisciplinary team that will simultaneously encourage student learning and growth and the pursuit of concrete engagement with real world problems.

The faculty fellow will receive research support for both years of the project, a summer stipend, and additional resources to facilitate the development and execution of their project as well as to publicize the results.

Faculty Fellows will be expected to:

  • Propose a clear issue/problem that will sustain the two-year research/engagement project;
  • Be committed to working closely and openly with the student members of the team;
  • Develop partnerships with other faculty and entities on campus to support the project;
  • Develop partnerships with other entities and communities relevant to the research;
  • Pursue additional external sources for funding and support of the project.

Faculty Fellows will receive:

  • Formal designation as a Lender Faculty Fellow;
  • A $5,000 stipend to cover their work during the summer between year-one and year-two;
  • Research funds of up to $5,000 for each year of the project;
  • Additional funds of up to $5,000 for the Lender Symposium at the culmination of their project;
  • Support from the Lender Center staff.

Faculty Applications must include:

Sherri Williams discusses social justice based research with a room of graduate students in Sims Hall
Yusuf Abdul-Qadir speaks on a panel at the Lender Center dedication
Sherri Williams discusses social justice based research with a room of graduate students in Sims Hall